Who I Am

Hello!  My name is Jonathan Covey.  I am blessed to be an heir of salvation from my Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for me.

Welcome!I grew up in a “country-fied” area of Southeast Texas and am blessed beyond words to be the eldest of 8 children and son to my loving (and forbearing) parents.  For many years my family has owned a farm, and we learn, make mistakes, and grow together in our country lifestyle.  I am a fiercely loyal Texan, an unabashed conservative, and a proud American.  Having obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Thomas Edison State College, the Lord has blessed me to be able to continue studying for a vocation in law.  I am studying at Oak Brook College of Law under such able and godly men of the faith such as Roger Magnuson  of Whitney & Dorsey in Minnesota.  In 2011, my Dad and I co-founded CollegeBuilder Co., a coaching company dedicated to helping students earn a fully accredited degree from home.  I enjoy volleyball, barbeque, chess, singing with my family and friends, and generally having more fun than any one person should be allowed to have  🙂

My desire

I specifically want to encourage single, young men in avenues of biblical manhood and preparation for effective marriages as godly husbands and fathers.  The Lord has turned my heart in recent months toward the ministry of encouraging other young men and I have begun to see a disturbing pattern of departure from the Scriptures by those who profess to be young “men” but maintain the attitudes, disciplines, lifestyles, and non-sacrificial living of little boys.  Don’t misunderstand me, I knew this disappointing trend was alive and well – I just (perhaps naively) underestimated how thoroughly it saturates our culture.  Through this site, I hope to have at least some small part in revitalizing the push for the much-needed influence of the truly Christ-seeking man of God.

Other topics I intend to write on will include theology, politics, literary criticisms, book reviews, author reviews, technology and social media, economics, entrepreneurship, personal news, law school progress, and really anything I feel needs being said 🙂

One word about comments

One needful thing to say about comments: I would love to get them!  However, I would ask you to please be courteous in the posts you make.  I don’t mind if you disagree with me – just be nice about it.  I moderate all commentary and my friend Qwerty has the fastest “delete” button this side of Silicon Valley – and that’s takin’ in some territory  🙂 .



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