My Person

Just wanted to share a pic of me with MY person.  😉  That’s right…my very own personal one hundred percent individually-for-Jonathan person  😉  Customized by God as my other, better, prettier half  😉


Last year in August I spoke at a homeschool/biblical discipleship conference by FORGE Ministries (Check out their latest conference, Love One Another:  I had no idea when I accepted the invitation to speak at that conference that it would mark the beginning of a truly incredible process of becoming not-single  😉  At that conference in Kerrville, Tx I met the love of my life, Sarah, who was playing music and assisting with sound recordings as a volunteer staff member for the event.  I tried to speak with her once by “thanking” her for her service in playing the piano.  This conversation ended curtly with a “Sure, no problem.”  Undeterred and bold as a lion (yeah right) I determined to make another opportunity.  The snack room the next day afforded that opportunity while we sat near each other among a group of our friends and family, talking about everything from theology to nursing home ministries.

Shortly after the conference was over we both committed our hearts to the Lord, and prayed that His will would be done.  I moved to Austin for new job, and by God’s sovereign plan, ended up attending the church that Sarah and her family had helped found.

I approached her father in January, asking permission to build a relationship with him, in order to have an opportunity to win Sarah’s heart.  She, on the other hand, spoke with her parents about me and asked them to help her guard her heart, mind, and emotions so that she didn’t become attached without knowing my intentions.

I asked her to marry me on April 25th, 2015….and she said YES!!!  We are looking forward to our wedding next April and a full, complete, Christ-honoring, and crazy life thereafter!

Thank you for reading this monumental post in the To Live Is Christ blog!!!

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