I laughed…I cried…it moved me, Bob.

If you don’t know where this movie quote came from you’re not missing anything.  It’s not important.  What IS important is that I was greeted this morning by the following be-yoo-tiful words:

IMG_00001Yes, by God’s grace I have passed the Baby Bar Exam!  I cannot stop singing the words to “To God Be the Glory” today.  I literally cried.  I cannot express to my Lord and my Savior how grateful I am for this blessing.   Praise the Lord!

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6 Responses to I laughed…I cried…it moved me, Bob.

  1. Jacob Pennington says:

    Uh,..Larry, what’s that on your?… Oh, never mind.

    In all seriousness, amen and amen! I can’t tell you how glad I am that God has allowed me to pass as well, and seen fit for both of us to keep trucking down this trail. It’s no small accomplishment, and too great of a success to keep from praising God!

    I didn’t shed any tears, but I can’t keep myself from singing praises. Hallelujah! Glory to the Lord God from Whom comes all good things! May He continue to pour out His rich and abundant blessings! I have a feeling that passing the Baby Bar is just the tip of a big, beautiful iceberg.

    • Jonathan says:

      Amen and thanks Jacob! I think you’re right. I’m grateful that God has seemingly confirmed His will in my life and in yours. I’m so happy for you as well as all of our other classmates that passed. We serve a great God!

  2. Maribeth says:

    Praise the Lord and congratulations!!!!! Now you don’t have to lose your mind or join the army, haha!! 😉 😀

  3. AKerschner says:

    So you’re Larry. This explains so much. Especially watching y’all (Katie, David and you) go back and forth. Suddenly it all makes sense.

    You probably will lose a just a *little* bit of your mind….or if you don’t, you will at least witness it happen to a classmate, probably via skype or a conference call. If your class starts using Latin phrases at random, it’s a sign of the end. Most of us come out alright though, so there is hope. 🙂

    • Jonathan says:

      Well, I don’t claim to be as brilliant as Larry and YOU did your share of parry and thrust. 😉 It wasn’t just me, David, and your sister. You and Katie are JUST like my brother and I in so many “sibling relations” areas, that is, how you relate to one another.
      In fact, you were downright funny at times!! 🙂 I will say that if random latin phrases are a manifestation of losing one’s mind, I think my class has already begun the degeneration process. Congratulations on finishing law school, Amy!

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