Breakfast lover’s delight

I don’t normally post twice in a week but today is special.  Katie and Bethany made a really great breakfast this morning.  As an entrepreneur, visions of opening a restaurant and hiring them as chief chefs wafted through my mind.  Perhaps I’ll try to float that idea later.  My plate is a little full right now (no pun intended :)).

Anyway, check out this super-duper healthy breakfast I enjoyed: Sweet potato muffins and Spinach Bake.

Yes, I took this photo.  No, it's not out of the Betty Crocker cookbook.

Yes, I took this photo. No, it’s not out of the Betty Crocker cookbook.

The muffins were really tasty, but the spinach bake (which included bits of sausage, eggs, etc.) was heavenly (and I’m not really even a big breakfast person).  For a genuine Texas breakfast experience, I recommend this unbeatable combination.

Disclaimer: The Jonathan Covey Stamp of Approval is not a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

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8 Responses to Breakfast lover’s delight

  1. Maribeth says:

    If you like Spinach Bake and Sweet Potato Muffins, you should try my mom’s Breakfast Strata. It’s a casserole she makes for our birthdays (and we have a whole string of birthdays from August to March, so she’s making it pretty often right now…). Homemade French bread, eggs, cheese, and breakfast sausage make it a very, VERY hearty dish. Disclaimer: weekly consumption or oversized servings not recommended for anyone trying to watch their weight and/or fitness level 😉

    • Jonathan says:

      That sounds amazing! I’m sure I would love it! It’s probably a good thing my sisters don’t know about it though, because I definitely would have trouble watching my “figure”. 😉 I just got into the habit of regular exercise and I’m pretty sure aforesaid casserole would offset any benefits I’m currently experiencing from it. Who’s birthdays are coming up? Birthdays are exciting, but I have to say that life was much less complicated when I was a child. 😉

      • Maribeth says:

        Heehee…blessed are they who exercise, for they shall see great benefits 😉 Let’s see, as far as birthdays…Ben just celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago, Lillie will be in January, Carolyn in February, and myself and Daddy in March. But we’ve already had Joy in August, TJ in September, Katie in October, and Emily in November. I dunno, Jonathan…when you have so many people in one house, birthdays are ALWAYS complicated 😀

        P.S. We just got finished watched “The Last Ounce of Courage” about fifteen minutes ago. Thought you might like to know that every last one of us cried our eyes out. I don’t usually cry for movies at all, but this was exceptional. I agree with what you said about “a few semi-unusual moments in the film where the theology of the movie might be somewhat questionable,” BUT overall a fantastic film.

      • Jonathan says:

        Y’all have quite a lot of casserole headed your way in the near future. 🙂 Yeah, I think you’re right, Maribeth, birthdays can be VERY complicated in large families (not to mention logistical nightmares) and surprise birthday parties are nearly impossible (though if one takes place, it’s usually because Mom and Katie and I scheme it up – we’re the only ones that can keep a secret :)).

        You saw Last Ounce of Courage!!! I didn’t realize it was out on DVD. I told you, I told you, I told you that it was a great movie! There ARE some unusual parts, but everyone in our family really liked it too. Any favorite parts?

      • Maribeth says:

        Yes, I think it just came out on DVD! Daddy found it at WalMart, but I happened to be on Amazon this afternoon looking for the soundtrack (couldn’t find one) and saw that they were sold out of the DVDs. I took that as a good sign!

        Favorite parts…my favorite part was definitely when Bob Revere was on top of the building (literally proclaiming the truth from the rooftops!) and shouting “We fight for freedom!” That was when I started choking up (very rare) long after everyone else was weeping. When Christian played the video at the Christmas play of his father, however…goodness, that was such a shock. You didn’t expect Thomas to die right there in the video, and you recoiled along with everyone else in the film. But at the same time it was such a beautiful moment, and one of the most moving examples of effective storytelling I’ve ever seen. Suffice it to say I was a basketcase after that scene. And then when the female news anchor turned out to be Bob’s estranged daughter! I was NOT expecting that at all–and yet it was perfect, because you saw “one of them” (read: one of the Marxists) redeemed!

        There was a good balance, I thought, between serious scenes and comic relief. Some of the acting and movie editing could be improved, but the actor who played Bob did a fantastic job. I look forward to seeing what the filmmakers produce in the future. After seeing Sherwood Pictures go from “Flywheel” to “Courageous,” and considering the exceptional quality of “Last Ounce of Courage,” I have very high hopes!

      • Jonathan says:

        …and another thing…

        You changed your profile pic! It completely threw me off for a second 🙂 I probably should change mine too since the one I’m using was taken two years ago. Yes, my absolute favorite part was Bob Revere’s building-top moment. I really did cry. It’s almost embarrassing to admit because I’ve built such a reputation among my family for being soooo analytical toward movies and plots. I try to never let that sort of thing happen. Shhhh, don’t tell anybody else. 🙂

        As a totally unrelated point of information (actually it’s bragging, and I know it) I get to fly to Washington D.C. on New Year’s day because I’m coordinating an event for Congressman Stockman. He is paying to have a group of pastors from our area go to the Capitol Building, the supreme court and the national archives with a personal tour of each place by David Barton, and as one of his staff, I get to be there for all of it. So I’m really excited right now and am looking forward to doing some interesting blog posts in January.

      • Maribeth says:

        Haha! Yes, I decided it was high time to change my picture. We took our Christmas picture yesterday, and as tradition we always take individual pictures of us kids as well.

        Analytical? Who, you?! I kid, I kid…my brother accuses me of over-thinking film plots, too 😛

        Congratulations on your trip to Washington!! And guided by David Barton…what an experience! Definitely looking forward to seeing posts about that one 🙂

      • Jonathan says:

        Ha ha. Yeah, I know it’s a shocker Maribeth, but I lean analytical pretty heavy. 😉

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