Atheism Part II Introduction

“To be an atheist requires an indefinitely greater measure of faith than to receive all the great truths which atheism would deny.” -Joseph Addison

Atheists claim that there is no God.  They contend that there is no God in the world (as pantheism claims) and there is no God beyond the world (as deism claims).  Furthermore, there is no God who is actually both in the world and beyond the world as theism claims.  There is no God of any kind, anywhere.

Since I’m primarily concerned in this series with the question of whether there is a God and, if so, what kind of God He is, we will consider the major arguments for the existence of God, and the major arguments put forth by leading proponents of atheism to bolster their theory that there is no God at all.  I will warn you up front: If you’re an atheist you won’t like what I have to say.  The evidence for the existence of God is overwhelming.  At the end you may have to say what Mr. Addison is essentially saying in the leading quote: It takes more faith to be an atheist.

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