Brief Update

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say that I haven’t forgotten about my promised post on the NCFIC White Unto Harvest conference.  Despite being off of school for a couple of months I’ve been pretty busy lately.  For the last two days David and I have been (and currently still are) in Houston at our first employee review with Congressman-Elect Stockman and the rest of his staff.  When I get home tomorrow I will begin to put the finishing touches on a long overdue update.  I also have several predetermined issues which I want to write upon.  Therefore…Coming Soon On To Live Is Christ:

1. White Unto Harvest Update

2. My thoughts on evangelism and modern American Culture

3. Part II of Refuting Atheism and the Existence of God

4. An entrepreneurship idea

5. To Vote Or Not To Vote: A discussion on the quandary in which many Christians find themselves during the political election cycle.

I also plan to start a new series in January or February specifically with young men in mind on Preparation for Godly Marriages.  More details to come on this at a later date.  As  a well-known radio host would say, “Quick break – right back – we’ll continue.”


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