On a Movie

I have a “real” post in the works right now but I wanted to quickly share something that I discovered just recently and got pretty excited about: Last Ounce of Courage.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.

This is the story of a grieving father inspired by his grandson to take a stand for faith and freedom against a tide of apathy and vanishing liberty.  It’s highly patriotic, very emotional, and downright inspirational.

I won’t ruin the storyline for you, but I wanted to express my excitement for this movie.  It gives me hope that a few moral filmmakers are still be be found in what is becoming a career synonymous with moral decrepitude.

Caveats are probably in order for a few semi-unusual moments in the film where the theology of the movie might be somewhat questionable, but overall, a really great film.

See it and be inspired!

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