Baby Bar Exam – Post Analysis

Having the Baby Bar Exam behind me is quite literally a tremendous weight dropped from my shoulders.  Praise the Lord to be done!!  In retrospect, the test was not nearly as difficult, or the circumstances near as frightening as I had imagined (though we know that retrospect is never reality until after the crisis).  I was envisioning a general atmosphere of panic within the proctoring facility throughout the test, but it was fairly calm and subdued, with a few exceptions.  My computer worked perfectly, without any freezes, hitches, or glitches.  Some of my classmates’ computers froze and they had to hand-write the exam.  I can’t really speak as to the result because I tend to always misjudge my performance but I have resolved to have faith in the Lord, and when my scores arrive in December to be content whether I pass or do not.  I was SO BLESSED to have some wonderful classmates who pushed and prodded me every step of the way, and who encouraged me in Christ to approach the test in God’s peace, knowing that I am within His will as I take the exam.  Oak Brook upperclassmen and upperclasswomen (thank you Amy, Katie, and Joel!) were incredible as well in acting as drill-sergeants through the review week in Anaheim.  They pushed us to our very academic limits and the review (I am convinced) played a pivotal role in giving the class the little extra push we needed to be prepared for the exam.  Overall, I am extremely thankful to God, and once again amazed at His faithfulness to me.

I am writing this from my temporary residence back in Anaheim, and I now need to close in order to get a couple hours of sleep before driving to LAX at 3:00 AM for my flight to Little Rock, Arkansas.  My family will be picking me up there, as we head straight to the White Unto Harvest conference by NCFIC in Asheville, North Carolina.

I feel kind of funny.  Today California and the Pacific Ocean.  Literally, tomorrow North Carolina and the Atlantic.  I should do something about my traveling habits… 🙂
Blessings to all of you,


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4 Responses to Baby Bar Exam – Post Analysis

  1. We were all so glad to hear everything went well! It sounds like it was a very arduous experience, but a blessed one.

    I have to say, I did laugh at your last paragraph…especially since we had a friend return from a mission trip in Haiti last night, where it was 105 degrees…and then head home to Colorado, where is was in the mid-20’s and snowing. She, too was going from one extreme to the next–and not just geographically, but weather-wise!

    Hope y’all have a wonderful time in North Carolina! NCFIC is an amazing ministry–I’m sure the conference will be great 🙂

    • Jonathan says:

      Ha ha! Glad it made you laugh! I thought it was kind of funny traveling from “sea to shining sea” in one vacation! Yes, your friend had quite an experience with weather extremes! That’s pretty incredible. And yes, I agree with you, NCFIC is an amazing ministry and my family has been blessed by it for several years. The positions they take and the issues they stand for are pretty much exactly what our family also understands to be biblically correct. We got a chance a couple years ago to spend some time with Mr. Scott Brown and his family at their home, and we really enjoyed getting to know them. The conference was great, as you anticipated, and I’m going to try to make a post on it later in the week. We’re at a hotel room in Tennessee right now and I’ve had limited internet access all last week which is why I took so long to reply (sorry about that).
      Hope y’all are doing well! Getting a little cooler weather down there?


      • No problem about replying…I figured y’all were very busy! Hope your family gets home safe and sound.

        Hah, well, it’s not just “a little cooler”…more like downright COLD this morning! We even had a patchy frost. It’s wonderful, though; it gets us all in the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit and we love it as long as we’re bundled up for the morning chores.

        Same here about sharing convictions/positions with NCFIC! Our church is actually listed on their website. I saw that Doug Phillips was posting a few things on Facebook about the conference, so I’ll be looking forward to your post about it as well.

      • Jonathan says:

        Neat! I love it when it cools down! Cooler weather is such a welcome event down here! Yes, our church is listed on the NCFIC website as well (at least it was last time I checked 🙂 Hopefully I can wring a little blogging time out of the next couple of days to make a post by Friday.

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